Thanks to Halloween, I now have a new goal for Dragon Army

by Jeff Hilimire on October 31, 2013


This Halloween we let our two girls (ages 3 and 4) pick out a pumpkin and we let our two boys (6 and 8) pick out a pumpkin. The girls picked a cute little pumpkin and the boys picked a gargantuan one. Like, it was almost two inches thick which made for some difficult carving.

We also let the kids pick out what they wanted carved on them. I showed the girls various jack o’lantern images on Google until they found a nice smiling one. The boys knew what they wanted before we started: Angry Birds!

I now think a new goal for Dragon Army is that one day kids are asking to have characters from our games carved into pumpkins on Halloween. How ridiculous would that be?!

That’s not too lofty a goal, is it? ;)

  • Burton Posey

    I certainly don’t think so ;)

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