Tabbed inbox, Boomerang and WiseStamp make Gmail sing

by Jeff Hilimire on September 9, 2013

As I begin the transition off of Microsoft Exchange (Engauge’s email platform) onto Gmail for everything (personal has always been Gmail and Dragon Army will be on Google Apps), I’m getting really excited about diving deep and leveraging everything that Gmail has to offer.

Out of the gate the search features in Gmail blow any other email client away. And personally I’m a HUGE fan of the priority inbox feature that essentially allows you to hide any non-important emails (which you can configure over time for better accuracy).

But there is a new feature rolling out called “tabbed inbox” and two Chrome plugins that are currently making Gmail a fantastic email solution that I wanted to share.

First, check out this video about the new tabbed inbox in Gmail:

To install the tabbed inbox, follow these steps:
  • Open Gmail.
  • Click the gear icon Gear icon in the upper right, then select Configure inbox.
  • Check the boxes of the tabs you want to see.
  • Click Save.

I’m fairly new to the tabbed inbox so I don’t have a lot of experiences to share, but after a few days I’m excited about this direction. Looking forward to seeing if they will let us customize the tabs.

Then there’s Boomerang for Gmail, a handy Chrome/Firefox plugin that let’s you take control of when you send and receive emails. It’s AMAZING. This is one of the few services that I pay for (the free version limits the number of schedules you can do monthly). Here’s a video of this great tool:

Then there is WiseStamp, a tool that let’s you dynamically customize your email signature (another service I currently pay for because its that good). I use this to show my latest blog post in the bottom of every one of my emails. You can do any number of things with this tool, and here’s a video to prove it:

What else? Are there other tools you use to help you with email or with Gmail specifically?

  • Johnson Cook

    Rapportive is awesome an addicting.

    And StreakCRM is an amazing personal CRM that has no interface and fits right into GMail.

  • Emil Engelman III

    you should try smartr It’s a great contact and social media organizer.

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