Dragon Army’s first cadet

by Jeff Hilimire on September 30, 2013


That’s Justin (new guy) on the left and Richard (old guy) on the right. They like to coordinate their outfits, apparently.

It’s an exciting day at Dragon Army as we have our first new team member! His name is Justin and he’s a developer that’s starting immediately on our second app. Didn’t even know we had a first app yet? Technically, we don’t, but we’re getting close to launching our first app to our beta list, so make sure you sign up: http://launch.dragonarmy.com/

There were many reasons we liked Justin as our first recruit, but these two reasons stuck out:

1. In college he realized that recording his professors’ lectures wasn’t optimal because you needed to record for hours for only a few important sentences. So he built an app that recorded one minute in the past. Essentially, you’d hear something that a professor would say that you thought was important, then you’d hit “record” and it would pick up one minute in the past and record from there. Pretty badass if you ask me.

2. In our interview, he admitted he hadn’t read Ender’s Game (which is where we got the inspiration for the name, Dragon Army). On the way home that afternoon he picked up a copy of the book and read it cover to cover by 2am. And I properly quizzed him on it when he admitted that the next day. Super impressive.


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