An interview with a startup focused on the design and user experience of mobile apps

by Jeff Hilimire on August 20, 2013

Atlanta has a great many startups (roughly 500 based on David Cummings’s back-of-the-napkin math) and it seems every time I attend a networking event I learn about more. Case in point, I recently met an entrepreneur in town who has a very interesting business model. Essentially she focuses on the design and user experience side of mobile apps. This is one the areas that I think a lot of startups ignore so I was excited to hear more about her business.

And then I thought, other people might want to hear about her business too, so I asked her if she would be willing to answer a few questions in a blog post, and here is how that went.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Linda Schwarz and I’m Head Creator and Partner at Veopix™ Design Agency and I have been the lead designer for winning hackathon teams, taking top prizes at the Atlanta Hoops Hack, Govathon and AT&T NFC Gaming Hack.

Tell me about your business.

Veopix is a gazelle startup in Atlanta, launched in 2012 to help companies develop Mobile Apps with a focus on design and great user experience, as well as Mobile websites, Infographics, Animation and traditional graphic design services. 

How was the idea for Veopix created, like where did the genesis for the concept come from?

We wanted to create great design and help start-ups, small and medium size companies grow with a great brand. We are an Hispanic/Female owned company, Veo means see in spanish, and Pix stands for pixels.

How’s the progress going so far? Do you feel like the market is responding to your offering?

It’s been a great steady year and half. There is a large curiosity out there. Btw, we are launching our kickstarter “Ina and Earl” for an in-house animation this month. Pre-dating chaos between a techy-entrepreneur and a free spirited non-hipster. Donate! and help spread the word between these two ATLiens. 

What’s it like working with mobile tech companies and trying to talk to them about the importance of design and user experience?

It feels great to know that companies are starting to realize the importance of design and user experience. It is so easy to delete an app off your devices, that good design and functionality is key to attracting and keeping new customers. And I am very lucky to have a team who can accomplish magic.

What’s the long term plan for Veopix? Is there an exit strategy?

To help companies succeed through a Mobile Platform with a focus on User Experience. Exit strategy would be to partner with companies such as Google, Yahoo and Engauge.

And if anyone is interested in meeting Linda, you can find her team hosting an event at Hypepotamus entitled, “The Why’s & How’s of Making an Affordable Branded Mobile App”. Check it out!

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