Last week I shared my startup experiences with the Metro Atlanta Chamber…

by Jeff Hilimire on July 31, 2013

…and they were kind of enough to write this article about some of the stuff I said.

My favorite bit:

The company, Spunlogic, moved out of his mother’s basement and into an office after landing a deal with a New Zealand company. As hopes heightened and excitement built, the New Zealand company went bankrupt without a penny spent on Spunlogic.

“It was the worst thing that could have happened at the time, but I always wonder what would have happened had it not happened,” Hilimire said, further explaining that the potential New Zealand deal provoked Spunlogic to move into a real office and  take on a couple of new employees. Essentially, it made them begin the begin, which is Hilimire’s blog name as well as his favorite R.E.M song.

As I recall after I mentioned R.E.M. and no one whooped or hollered, I gave them grief about it and joked that I guess I should be talking to the Athens Chamber of Commerce. They hollered about that a little ;)


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