The #1 Job Skill in 2020 #blindpost

by Jeff Hilimire on June 27, 2013

This blindpost was recommended by @gumboshowjoe and is based on this article, The Number One Job Skill in 2020, which I didn’t read until after I wrote this.

Let’s start with this, what’s different in 2020? I suppose that’s the basis for answering this question, either that or you could go with the theory that nothing really ever changes when it comes to the #1 job skill. That might be the easy button, so let’s try the first thing.

In 2020…

– Everything will be connected. Everything. People, animals, objects…its all connected.

– Things are moving faster. Change comes more quickly. Innovation is everywhere.

– Whereas today its very easy to create software, in 2020 its very easy to create actual products in your home.

– “Marketing” is personalized on a one-to-one basis and its everywhere. Not like today where we say that’s happening. In 2020, its actually happening.

– Within corporations, Marketing and Technology have merged. And Technology won.

Since 2020 isn’t that far off, I think that’s enough predictions. Things will change but in reality, they won’t change all that much.

So the #1 Job Skill in 2020 will be… COLLABORATION.

The ability to work well with other people, within a team, drawing on each other’s strengths and accomplishing a task is always going to be one of the most important job skills a person can have. The more we move to a world where computers can do so much, the more people are going to need to work together vs. in silo’s. It might sound contradictory, but as technology allows so many things to be created and produced with very little human interaction, the real innovation and progress will be made when people work together to create things that technology alone could never create.

I learned from a great mentor of mine that collaboration is one of the most important characteristics that a person and a company can have today, and I can only assume that will grow stronger as we move further into a digital world.

What do YOU think the #1 job skill will be in 2020?

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