Why the Yahoo acquisition of Tumblr is great: Focus

by Jeff Hilimire on May 22, 2013

I’ve talked about the need to focus before on this blog. In fact, its advice I gave the younger me in a post as I reflected on what I’ve learned over the years. The ability for leaders to focus is what allows them to accomplish great things vs. produce a lot of mediocre things.

After reading this blog post by Tumblr co-founder Marco Arment, it seems that Marissa Mayer, who can I just say I’ve been very impressed with ever since she took over Yahoo, is buying Tumblr to allow their CEO to do just that: focus. To focus on nothing else other than making Tumblr even better. She’s not going to micromanage their business, or try to integrate it into the belly of the Yahoo beast, but instead is simply going to allow David to focus on the product and empower him with the backing that only a company like Yahoo could give.

So if you’re a Tumblr fan, I think you should be excited about this. It has all the makings of a “successful” acquisition. Time will tell obviously but for now, things seem pointed in the right direction.

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