The advice I gave the young people who answered the question, “In 15 years I hope to be…”

by Jeff Hilimire on April 8, 2013

I posted last week about a talk I gave to a group of hopeful incoming interns at Engauge (or, as we say, “enterns”) where I asked them to answer the question, “In 15 years I hope to be…”. Their answers were very inspiring so I asked a few of my friends how they would answer this question. Here are some of their responses:

@chadatl: I agree with almost every single one of them. I want to be happy, feel accomplished and be proud of the work that I am doing.

@smithdc5: Great question! In 15 years, I want to love what I’m doing and continue to be open to change. Always trying new things.

@prixdc: Doing something that doesn’t feel like work in a city I’m proud of with people I love.

@a_la_amelia: In 15 years I hope to be pursuing my passions full-time!

@metalchopstick: to be the best visual storyteller I can be. To have a family and to be fully engaged in both my career and personal life.

@jmart730: In 15 years, I want to be known for something. Don’t care what that something is as long as it is positive. :-)

DP: Having the freedom to create & build great people and organizations, while experiencing life with my family. I’m hoping in 15 years this is even more amplified and work with young people more to help shape the future.

Before I let the interns share with me what they had written, I told them I was going to give them three bits of advice that would help them accomplish whatever it was that they wrote down. Here is what I told them:

#1 – Find a PLACE you love to work and make sure its a place that will allow you to grow while there. One thing we strive for at Engauge is to allow people who excel in one area to move to an area they might be more passionate about. I believe a great place to work will not only allow you to reach your dreams, but empower you along the way to do so.

#2 – Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t old enough or experienced enough to have a voice or accomplish your goals. Then I told them this story.

#3 – Be a beacon of positivity wherever you go and whatever you do. Don’t complain about what’s not going right, but rather get excited about what IS going right and what you’re going to do to overcome your challenges. I’ve never known a pessimist or negative person that achieved their dreams. Then I told them this story.

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    Without a doubt, I credit Engauge and it’s culture to making me the digital ninja I am today.

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