Ten resolutions you should make to be more successful in 2013 #blindpost

by Jeff Hilimire on January 6, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion to blindpost this by this guy  and this guy. I figure if two people independently suggest I blindpost something, I better do it. Typically with a blindpost, I copy the title verbatim from another article and, without reading that article, I write it from my perspective. Here are some examples.

This one was actually titled, “Ten Resolutions the most Successful People Make and Then Keep“, but I shortened it to:

Ten resolutions you should make to be more successful in 2013

1. Set three to five measurable goals for the year. In my experience, two is not enough and six is too many. This will allow you to…

2. Focus. The most successful people I know are incredible at focusing. Focusing on their strengths, or their passions, or what’s needed to be successful. And they…

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think of 2013 as the year you’re going to let the little things that normally distract you just roll off your back. You can’t let every pebble in the road slow you down.

4. Find some quiet time each day. To read, to write, to plan, to whatever.

5. Give more of yourself to your community. It’s amazing but somehow the more successful a person becomes, the more they seem to give back. I think that’s because they start to embrace the old Spider-man (may he rest in peace) saying, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Cheesy, sure, but I know the more I’ve succeeded the more I feel the need to give back, and do more.

6. Get organized. There is so much – too much – data coming at us these days. And the more you are responsible for, the more there is. Figure out how you’re going to better manage things like email, to-do’s, file management, etc. If you can get the clutter out of the way and create a process, you’ll be far more likely to hit your goals.

7. Vow to read. Personally I’d pick a day to catch up on industry or inspirational content and aggregate it throughout the week. I’d also read at least a book a quarter. I don’t even think it has to be business or “success” related, sometimes its just good to escape into a new world and free your mind.

8. Switch from a PC to a Mac. Just kidding. Kinda.

8. Continue to look for your passions. Broken record, I know. But I believe successful people routinely look at what they are doing and how their passions have changed over time and then align themselves accordingly. I’ve done it many times in my career and continue to do it today.

9. Find a way to express yourself. You have thoughts and passions. Share them with people. The way my Leadership Atlanta classmate @jbrettjacobsen does on his blog. True leaders find ways to express themselves and “infect” those around them. You don’t always need a pulpit or a meeting to do this.

10. Find a mentor. It doesn’t matter how much success you’ve had, the counsel and friendship of a good mentor will always make you more successful. I’ve found this to be the case time and again (thanks, Ken). And here’s a story about José the cab driver and his mentor. Hope José made it.

Ok, I just went back and looked at the original article and we had about half the same. The one I most wish I had thought of was, “Plan vacations”. That’s a great one and something I’ve grown better at over time. It points to #7 on my list, essentially the need to escape.

As always, feel free to let me know what you would contribute to this list.

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