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by Jeff Hilimire on January 24, 2013

A bunch of people have asked me to create a way for people to subscribe to this blog via email and I finally got off my lazy bum and set that up. You can see it right there on the right side of this blog, or you can click here.

I personally prefer to use Google Reader to sign up via RSS for blogs I follow. Then I religiously use Reeder on my iPhone and iPad, and recently I’ve started to use the iPad Feedly app as well. Love that app.

And now I’m getting random…but…

I’m pretty excited about this new Mailbox app that is coming out. I’m of the opinion that email is one of the more antiquated tools we use today, having made little improvements over the last 50 years (yes, email was around in the ’60s!).

And I just went back to Microsoft Outlook after a multi-year hiatus. I was using Apple Mail and iCal but they weren’t syncing perfectly with Exchange. Then I used Sparrow for a while (actually, still using it for gmail sometimes), which I love, but it doesn’t support Exchange at all, requiring me to use an IMAP connection which never works great either. So I’m back to Outlook and hopefully I won’t have the same issues I used to have, mainly very frequent crashing and a massive .pst file.

Ok, enough randomness, talk to you later.



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