Please tell me this isn’t Blackberry’s strategy to get back in the game…

by Jeff Hilimire on January 30, 2013

Apparently, Alicia Keys is now the Global Creative Director of Blackberry. I assure you, this is not an article from The Onion…though wouldn’t it be funny if they just ran the exact same story?

People are losing their damn minds…

UPDATE – after thinking long and hard about why they’d make this move, I figured it out. Think about it, what’s the one differentiator that Blackberry has over everyone else? We all know that the ONLY reason people use Blackberry any longer is because they have…keys! I can see it now, in the board room, “Well, keys have always been our big differentiator, so I’m thinking we need more keys! And we need a creative director who is all about keys!”

Enter, Alicia KEYS. Too easy…

  • Scott Simpson

    Happy I didn’t buy that RIM stock …

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Actually it probably comes with a free album so now’s probably a good time.

  • jdcmorgan

    I read that just a year ago she declared herself an “iPhone junky”… Shoot, if they can convince Alicia Keys, I’m sold!!!

  • Rob Kischuk

    Oof. I guess that’s one way to look at it. It seems like a lose-lose.

    If it’s only symbolic, nothing changes, and it doesn’t actually matter.

    If she’s going to be deeply involved, they just put a musician who hasn’t done hardware and software in charge of creative for a hardware and software company.


  • Jeff Hilimire

    Yeah, it almost seems like the look around at Apple and Google (Android) and think its all about them not being cool enough, so they decided to heavy-up on being cool. What’s the old saying? Cool is not a strategy.

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