The best new app I’ve seen in a long time

by Jeff Hilimire on December 8, 2012

It takes a lot for a new app to break through the clutter and feel instantly like something I’d use quite a bit. Slice is the app I kinda always knew I needed but now that I have it, I can’t think of how I went without it.

The premise of Slice is that it is “the simplest way to organize everything you buy online”. What it does that is freaking sweet is it combs through your email – after you give it permission – and pulls out all of the purchases that you’ve made. It does this by finding receipts and shipment tracking codes, then it syncs the codes up with the shipping company and reports when things will be shipped.

For me, this is very useful tool. My process before was to go into my email when I wanted to see if something was going to be delivered soon (often scrolling and scrolling to find the receipt email), click on the link to the shipping company, let the browser pull up the information and see where the package currently is and when it will be delivered. And I’d have to do that with each and every package. Now with Slice, its all organized for me and I can even click on a map in the app and it will literally show me where my package is.

Additionally, it has a fun area under “Profile” that shows you what kind of consumer you are based on your purchases. No surprise here, I’m a “Gadget Geek”.

~ For more, here’s a nice write up by Business Insider on Slice.

Slice is my new favorite app

  • Lizzie Azzolino

    Love this! I think I’ve invented this in my head. All signed up.

  • Teresa Caro

    Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Richard Guy

    Check out Cue ( Very ambitious, but a small part of it is also kind of what Slice does.

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