New iOS WordPress and Snapseed apps

by Jeff Hilimire on December 7, 2012


WordPress recently updated their iOS app – which is great because its never been a very good experience – and I wanted to give it a quick test run. Also yesterday Google made the photo editing software they acquired, Snapseed, free on iOS and I wanted to try it as well.

I created this photo of my daughter using Snapseed on the iPad and I was pretty impressed. Nice integration of touch and lots of editing options.

And I uploaded this post from the iPad as well. The WordPress app is a little bit better but still at times lacks basic functionality like adding a hyperlink when publishing a “Quick Photo”. Which is why there are no links in this post.

Update – well, let’s call this yet another fail for the iOS WordPress app.  There was no way in the “Quick Photo” post option to edit the size of the image, which is insane if you think about it, so when the post launched, the picture was too large and broke the bounds of the blog. So I had to go to my laptop and edit the post from there. And I went in and added the links since I was now able to do that. Why is this so hard, WordPress?

  • Katie Melick

    I adore Snapseed :)

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