If you’re scared of flying, maybe don’t read this

by Jeff Hilimire on December 13, 2012

I had an amazing experience yesterday thanks again to my Leadership Atlanta experience (here’s a link to some of my other Leadership Atlanta experiences if you’re interested). One of my classmates works at Delta and offered up a chance to take a tour of their operations center. And since Delta is – and I’m not just saying this – by far my favorite airline, I jumped at the chance.

One of my favorite parts of the tour was when we talked with a guy that works on the floor and were able to see how Delta monitors the flight traffic of all commercial airlines. So check this screenshot out of the number of commercial (doesn’t count non-commercial flights) that were in the air yesterday at 1:30pm. It certainly made my flight last night a little more interesting :)

  • Al Evator

    By commercial flight, do they mean flights that show commercials, or flights where they are making commercials?

  • TS

    That’s not as bad as I expected – across the entire country, you can actually make out individual planes. Compare that to cars – not even close (obviously). Air space is pretty large, the fact we can still distinguish outlines of individual planes in this screen shot indicates that there is plenty of room available for us up there.

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