Delta updates their website and in the process makes me feel kinda inadequate

by Jeff Hilimire on December 8, 2012

Delta made some really nice user interface changes to their website recently. One such change, however, is a big pet peeve of mine. They changed from requiring a 4 digit PIN to requiring a password. But that’s not the peeve, I’m fine with a password. However, the password they require has to have numbers AND letters, and at least one capital letter. That is SO frustrating. I use sites with far more secure data than Delta – namely Amazon, Paypal and eTrade – and they don’t require the upper and lowercase syntax. This isn’t NASA, people*.

The second thing they added which probably seemed logical at the time, was a nice little indicator of your Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM). Now, I’ve flown quite a bit this year and I have 76,000 miles total MQM. And I get upgraded quite a bit with my Platinum status, which is awesome and one of the reasons I always try to fly Delta. But when I look at this new visual I feel like I’m barely trying.

* I assumed NASA passwords were pretty complex, so I checked, and I was right.

  • jdcmorgan

    It’s hilarious you mention the password complexity. At a previous employer, our passwords had the typical “must use: upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters”. The kicker was that passwords could not contain any string that was a real word! So, if I wanted to use “Daisy123!” I would be denied since “daisy” was a word… It was crazy (and by crazy, I mean stupid).

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