On this Election Day, I wish…

by Jeff Hilimire on November 6, 2012

Today the nation votes for the next President of the United States, and I have but one hope.

Let’s (hopefully) agree that no matter who wins, the next President will do his best to improve this country. You or I might not agree with the tactics or the strategy, but the intention will be to make this country better over the next four years.

With that in mind, my hope is that we can accept whoever wins, know that they won fairly and that the country chose him, and lets back him for the next four years. Respect that without our full support, no President is going to be able to do his or her best.

If you’re upset that one guy won over the other guy, I’m going to assume that’s because you so badly want this country to improve and you believe the other guy would do a better job. But if your #1 goal is the betterment of this country, then don’t spend the next four years belittling everything the new President does. Accept that your guy didn’t win, and support the President, IF you truly want this country to improve.

If what you really want is for YOUR party to win and your focus isn’t on what’s best for this country, then by all means spend the next four years complaining and attempting to undermine the President. But me, no matter who wins, I’m on board. Let’s make the United States a better country.

  • Barbison

    Sorry Jeff, but I cannot support a president who could not bring himself on many occasions to vote for the Born Alive act, the law that says if the abortion is botched and the baby is born alive it must be cared for, not left in the trash to die. Another reason I can’t support him is because his lack of business sense (as well as those around him) means he supports businesses that are not able to succeed (all those green energy jobs? and the businesses are going bankrupt?). His health care act has closed many small businesses, and kept others from expanding because they cannot afford to comply with his regulations. I work for a software company that provides software to small and midsized businesses and I hear them everyday saying they are concerned about their business and have no money to spend. So it isn’t just hurting them, it’s hurting my company which has already laid off well over 500 people since Obama win the election in 2008. I’ll pray for him, but support? It just cannot happen. Oh yeah, I’m also concerned about what he has promised Russia since he’s gotten the re-election.

  • http://www.jeffhilimire.com Jeff Hilimire

    I think I should backup and re-explain what I meant. I don’t think just because someone is the President that you should agree with everything he or she says or does. Not at all. We should express what we believe is right and not be afraid to do so, and certainly not just blindly follow someone because they are in a position of power.

    However, he IS the President now. And – for the most part – he IS going to try to make this country a better place even if he does things that you or I don’t agree with. To rail against everything he does, which is the typical way people today react to the President’s moves if that President is not affiliated with their party, is going to do far, far more harm than good. And personally I think its an immature way to handle our democratic system.

    By the way, please know I’m not saying that YOU are doing this, I’m just re-explaining what I meant with the original post. I love that you’re passionate about issues. We’re all passionate about issues. What I dislike is being passionate about being a part of a particular political party and being blind to supporting anyone else.

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