8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees #blindpost

by Jeff Hilimire on March 29, 2012

I write a lot of #blindpost’s, which means I read a headline and then write a post without reading the original article, to see where I’ll end up with it. This one was on Inc.com entitled, The 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees.

Here are the 8 qualities that I think make remarkable employees

1. They are positive.

2. They are always trying to learn.

3. They adjust well, and hopefully embrace, change.

4. They don’t kill the office vibe.

5. They act as a leader, even if they aren’t officially charged to be one.

6. They know when to raise their hand and say, “I can’t take that on at the moment.”

7. They know when to raise their hand and say, “I’m going to take that on and dominate it.”

8. They make everyone around them better.

Bonus: They’re passionate about what they’re doing. This might be the most important of them all.

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