I can’t stop laughing at this – social media explained with donuts

by Jeff Hilimire on February 9, 2012

Social media explained with donuts
Twitter – I am eating a donut
Facebook – I like donuts
Foursquare – This is where I eat donuts
Instagram – Here’s a vintage photo of my donut
YouTube – Here I am eating a donut
LinkedIn – My skills include donut eating
Pinterest – Here’s a donut recipe
Last FM – Now listening to “Donuts”
Google+ – I’m a Google employee who eats donuts
Tumblr – This is a really beautiful photo of a high-end donut
Reddit – There is a conspiracy in the donut industry
Craigslist – Will sublet part of my donut in exchange for sexual favors
Myspace – Check out my stale donut with full band at the Tea Bag next Tuesday evening
I found it here.
  • http://twitter.com/kellyhilimire Kelly Hilimire

    I saw that this week, and I almost asked you if that original white board was your handwriting. You’re not taking credit?? :)

  • http://twitter.com/Badgy Badgy

    They forgot GetGlue – I’m watching this show about donuts.

  • http://china.gileszone.com/ Todd Giles

    Just read this together with Jill, she started laughing out loud at the G+ one ;)

  • http://www.jeffhilimire.com Jeff Hilimire

    Yeah Todd, the Google+ one was my favorite too :)

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