My favorite “leadership and success” posts of 2011

by Jeff Hilimire on January 3, 2012

Like a lot of bloggers, I enjoy looking back after the new year starts and reflecting on the posts I wrote throughout the previous year. It’s always interesting to see how you’ve changed in your writing and what resonated the most with people.

If I had to break down my posts last year, they’d fall into one of two camps: personal stories and success/leadership. This is a list of the posts I wrote this year that were my favorite that focused more on leadership and success. Later this week I’ll share my favorite posts that were more of the personal nature.

This one leadership quality will make or break you

9 Things a leader has to do

The excuses that stop you from being great

The importance of confidence and four keys to get it

The power of doing

You are a startup

Never get comfortable

Find your passion at work

José the cab driver has a plan…and a mentor

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