I am so blogging this

by Jeff Hilimire on November 26, 2011

A few weeks back I wrote a post about some specific posts that I was working on. It may seem weird to blog about what you’re going to blog about, but it was an exercise that I was doing mainly for myself. I’ve reflected often on what type of things I’m writing, looking back to see how different my posts are now vs. a few years ago.

But the interesting thing about writing that post was it served as motivation for me to knock those posts out over the course of the following week. We can all use some extra motivation and since blogging is more of a personal passion for me (i.e. its not a requirement of my job or anything and I don’t derive any revenue from it), it was nice to have something out there putting pressure on me.

So if this kind of post annoys you, sorry about that. #mybad

Posts I’m currently working on:

  • How I feel after switching from AT&T to Sprint in order to have direct integration of Google Voice on my iPhone
  • Disney gets it right with Kinect game
  • How our ancestors will remember us (with us being all social and digital and all)
  • A week in with the Jawbone UP
  • I still don’t get why anyone would think Google+ Circles is interesting
  • What’s on my iPhone and iPad second screens (what apps I’m testing)
  • Why having mentors and advisors will change your life

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