An idea for this week

by Jeff Hilimire on September 19, 2011

Here’s your idea for this week.

Send your customers an email that sounds something like this (keep in mind I’m not a copywriter, but I think you’ll get the gist):

Dear #name,

We’re thrilled to have you as a customer and want to thank you for your business. We very much look forward to continuing working with you.

We’ve heard from some of you over the years that we’re pretty swell. Some of you kinda think we’re the cat’s meow (you use words like that when you get excited). And a few of you are a little obsessed with us…and we dig that!

We’d love to be able to reward you for that kind of brand love. Reply back to this email if you’re one of our passionate fans and we’ll get back to you with some exciting stuff coming soon.

Talk soon,


You can also create a survey with a few questions for the people that say they’re your biggest fans so you get a little bit of intel on them, but either way, the goal is to figure out who loves you the most. Then set up a simple program where they get some kind of reward for sharing the love. Give them each a unique code to use when they blog, Facebook, Tweet, etc, about your company. Track that and reward them with something great. You can start small…the goal is to start. Begin the begin, if you will.

Don’t only do this for the “Klout-worthy”, by the way. That’s a mistake. If a customer of yours is happy to tell their friends about you, don’t only care about them if they have 1,000 Twitter followers. Embrace each and everyone one of them.

Send them free product, let a group of them get on a video chat with your CEO, invite some of them to the factory…find unique ways to reward and incentivize your biggest brand advocates to spread the word. They will become your best media, bar none.

And let me know how it goes ;)

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