I can’t wait to read this before our next meeting

by Jeff Hilimire on August 24, 2011

Meetings, in general, suck. They suck time out of your day, they suck your energy…they just generally suck. And not because we all don’t have the best intentions but because the entire model is flawed. I’ve written about ways I think meetings could be better, with the number one fix being: DON’T HAVE MEETINGS!

Of course sometimes meetings are necessary and that’s why I’m excited to read this book, “Read this before our next meeting.”  I listened to a podcast by Mitch Joel where he interviewed the author, Al Pittampalli.

Already sent the sample to my kindle. Hopefully I’ll get to it before our next meeting so it doesn’t suck quite so bad ;)

  • http://KevinVogelsang.com Kevin Vogelsang

    Be sure to write a good summary of this for the rest of us.  I find that there are usually a few key points that everyone can use.  (I also find the act of writing the summary helpful for me too)

  • http://www.jeffhilimire.com Jeff Hilimire

    Yep KV, I’ll definitely be posting a review of this particular book. I intend to put some of it into action and report back on that as well. Meetings, you’ve met your match!

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