The new sharing feature on Instapaper is great

by Jeff Hilimire on March 23, 2011

I’ve been talking about how much I like Instapaper for a little while now.  How Instapaper made my list of iPhone apps I loved in 2010, how Instapaper is different than Evernote, and how I finally got it to integrate with my Kindle.

Now I’m excited because the recent changes to Instapaper have allowed you to share with your connections the articles you’ve “liked”.  You have to go into Settings (at least on the iPhone client) and go to Sharing Accounts.  Then you can adjust your settings there, picking your friends who have set this up that you want to see items from.  Make sure you check at the bottom “Visible to others” so people can find you.

See if you can find me and let’s connect!  Maybe drop a comment that you connected with me so I can make sure to go and do the same, not sure yet if you get an alert in Instapaper when people do connect with you…

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