Instapaper for video – I’d invest in that

by Jeff Hilimire on March 28, 2011

I love Instapaper.  Love it.  I hardly ever read things on my laptop anymore, instead preferring to throw things into Instapaper to read later, either on my Kindle (preferred), my iPad or my iPhone.

What I want now is the same thing only for video.  It’s possible this exists and I don’t know about it, but if it doesn’t, I’d love to see someone come up with Instapaper for video.  When I see an ESPN clip I want to watch later, or a Hulu video, or youtube, whatever, I want to flag it to be queued up for viewing later.  I could imagine on a Saturday afternoon sitting down with my iPad and watching an hour of stuff that I queued up from earlier in the week.

Monetize it by throwing some video ads in the middle of it or charge a couple bucks for the app.  Whoever builds this, assuming again its not out there, is going to be poised to drop it into connected TV’s so people could watch queued up video any place, any time.

So, who’s on this?

Additionally, here is something I WOULD NOT invest in, though you gotta admit, she’s got spunk!

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