14 questions for today’s marketer. Do you pass the test?

by Jeff Hilimire on March 17, 2011

I’ve spent months analyzing specific questions to determine whether or not a marketer is going to make it in today’s world.  The following questions are a result of that research and, depending on how you answer them, will indicate how likely you are to be successful over the next ten years in marketing.

Ok, not really.  I pretty much just came up with these, but this premise and some of these questions have been bouncing around my head for a while.  If you want to call that research.

Here we go:

1.  Do you listen more to the 22 year-old you just hired about what’s cool/hip, or your boss that happened to pick up the latest AdWeek magazine and wants to know why you aren’t doing this HTML5 thing?

2. Is your first move when putting together next year’s marketing plan to figure out what budget you have, or what objectives you want to achieve?

3. Is “social” quarantined off into one group at your company (PR, digital marketing, etc) or is it something that is a mandatory piece of everything?

4. Are you, or your boss, afraid to take chances and fail in order to learn new ways to connect with your customers?

5. Do you still think that mobile is the future rather than the present?

6. Do you at least have a plan to take your 8 databases that contain different bits and pieces about your customers and merge them together?

7. Are you still chasing “likes”?

8. Do you at least have a slimmed down mobile version of your website?

9. Have you held and used an iPad?  A Galaxy Tab?  A Windows 7 phone?  An AppleTV?  A Boxee box?  A Xbox Kinect?

10. Are you exposing yourself to the newest new through events like SXSW?  Through reading blogs, listening to podcasts, etc?  Through seeking out people with experience in emerging tech and just having coffee and catching up?  By attending meetups?  Do you know what a meetup is?

11. Have you ever tweeted?  Or blogged?  Or checked-in somewhere?  Or flickr’ed?  Do you experiment with new technology so that you have a better understanding of its opportunity?

12. Did you groan when you first heard about Twitter or Foursquare because it was yet another thing you had to add to your plate, or did you get amped up about the possibilities of reaching your customers in a new and more relevant ways?

13. Do you see data as a four letter word, or do you craze data because you know it can fuel and guide your marketing campaigns and strategy?

14. Are you able to step away from “the grind” of your day-to-day responsibilities to read all 14 points on a blog about the future of marketing?  #irony

As always, feel free to let me know what I missed or what you agree/disagree with.

  • http://www.brainwads.net/drewhawkins Drew Hawkins

    I agree heavily with number 10. There’s a guy up here that I would meet up with once every few weeks for coffee that ran his own web design business. We would bounce some of the new stuff we had learned off of each other and would both take away new info. I know it kept me sharp (and honest) on tech stuff and helped me learn more about the developer end of the world.

    I like number 11 too. It’d be hard to justify the use of a new network/tool to a client without having primary experience with it myself.

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