Blogging still sucks on the iPad

by Jeff Hilimire on February 18, 2011

I keep trying to travel with just the iPad. I’m sitting in a hotel room right now having traveled on this one-night trip with just the iPad (it was tough to leave my 11in Air at home but I wanted to give the iPad another go).

I keep wanting the iPad to be THE travel device. But my main hang up right now is that blogging is miserable on this thing! At least via the WordPress app which is what I’m using right now.

Has anyone else had a better experience blogging from the iPad? I suppose it’s possible that Tumblr or Posterous have better apps. And I completely get that my beef should be with WordPress for not having a better app, but if I had brought my Air with me I would just be using the WordPress interface and having no problems.

Oh and the WordPress website is largely unusable on the iPad because the window you use to write your posts is unscrollable for some reason.


  • Clay Duda

    The WordPress app for the iPhone is just as bad. I normally just use Safari to access it.

  • Josh Martin

    I agree, the WordPress app on the iPad / iPhone is a major disappointment. I took my iPad to a conference a few weeks ago, hoping to live blog, take notes, and tweet, but I found myself wishing I had my laptop.

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  • Sprocketjockey

    I agree, tried so nard to blog from iPad/iPhone but word press app just doesn’t work that well. Either lose everything I’ve typed or uploads too easily when not finished. Plus the lack of being able to position photos in line is a major killer.

    Mars edit needs an iApp, love it on the Mac

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Agreed man, Mars Edit is a great tool and if they’re listening, I’d pay for an iPad/iPhone app from them. I just want something to blog over WordPress with on the iDevices!

  • Anonymous

    Agree!! Even in Safari or ICab( best browser iPad ) WordPress is unusable on iPad.
    I cant believe the people @wordpress dont give a shit about this BIG issue.

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