Bit by bit Google is taking over my life

by Jeff Hilimire on February 20, 2011

It’s funny, as I start to look at my online activity, I’m realizing that Google is taking over my digital life.  And that surprises me, because I’m an Apple freak plus Facebook and Twitter dominate my social world, but even so, I find Google being at the middle of most of my digital activity.

Google Search.  Of course I search with Google.  I watched half of an episode of Hawaii 5.0 the other day (and it was as bad as I thought it would be) and at one point two of the detectives were talking and one said, “Bing it”, so she flipped open her phone and searched Bing for an answer.  As if.

Google Reader is my go to source for content.  I love it.  I have a bunch of categories and blog feeds pouring in, so much I can’t keep up (though I try).  I actually prefer using Google Reader on my iPhone and Galaxy Tab over my laptop.  It’s killing me right now that in my test of the Windows 7 phone that there isn’t a good Reader app.  Killing.  Me.

Google Voice is how I run my “phone”.  It’s what has allowed me to switch to the Windows 7 phone recently, and its what will allow me to switch back to my iPhone in a few weeks.  I love this product.

Gmail is my preferred email client.  And priority inbox is amazing.  And now I’m using Task Force for to-do’s, which is embedded into Gmail.  Very slick.

Google Bookmarks is what I’m backing up my Delicious bookmarks because I’m worried Delicious is going to go away.  It’s pretty comparable so far.

And since I’m liking the Galaxy Tab more than the iPad these days, the Android operating system is something I’m starting to really embrace.  Sure its crashy and breaky right now, but there are things I really like about it.

So its interesting, as I look at what I do most on the web — email and consuming content — then you layer in that every call I make and every text I make is through Google… I’m starting to become a real Google fanboy.  @gumboshowjoe is going to be so excited.

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