Dear Santa: A few things on my social media list…

by Jeff Hilimire on December 21, 2010

Been thinking a lot about what I want in 2011 from a social media perspective.  Not what I think will happen, but what I hope happens because it will please me personally.

A winner in the location-based arena.  But not until later in the year so we can see more innovation, but eventually I want one place to check-in that ALL my friends use.  I’d prefer it not be Facebook, but yeah, it probably will be.

– And speaking of Facebook, I’d really like for Facebook to become relevant to me again.  That’s a little harsh.  It’s still relevant but honestly, I can go days without checking Facebook. Why do I care?  Maybe I don’t, but all my friends are there and when I do check it, I find out some interesting things about them.  I don’t want to be out of the loop, but I just don’t find the need to go to Facebook all the time like I used to.

Google to do something interesting in social.  When Google is doing innovative things, the social world is more interesting.  It seems like they are just going to be content indexing all the social platforms, but I’d like to see them do something a little more interesting than what they’ve thrown out there so far.  Maybe small teams would help :)

More social commerce.  Stuff like this.  And this.  I still feel strongly that the intersection of social and commerce is going to be massive for everyone involved, including the consumer.

More places to put my photos.  Just kidding, the last thing we need is yet another place to put photos.  It just goes to show you the difference between a space that is dominated by one player (social community – Facebook; micro-blogging – Twitter) and one that isn’t.  Seems like every week another photo/social tool comes out and now my photos are even more spread out on the web.  I’ve been playing with Instagram lately, and I know @tessa is addicted to it, but I’m still not sure I need another way to capture photos.

What’s on YOUR social media list?

  • Josh Martin

    No love for Twitter? I know you can’t be completely satisfied w/ Twitter.

  • Katherine Melick

    Thanks Jeff! Those are great!

    Dear Digital Santa:
    I would like to see…
    – Email and social work together. I would love to see large companies integrate and use different aspects of the digital world to complaint each other.
    – QR Barcodes. I would like to see how companies are going continue to integrate the online and offline world with barcodes (of course, StickyBits in particular).
    – Mobile, mobile, mobile. Along with barcodes, I want to do everything with my phone!
    And so much more…

  • Jeff Hilimire

    You know its interesting about Twitter, to me. It kinda “is what it is”. I don’t see a lot more growth with it. I feel like its the same as email. Once you get it, you get it, and there’s not too much left after that.

    You see anything different?

  • Drew Hawkins

    I think Facebook will become more relevant when it has more B2B friendly applications. That’s my wish anyway. I only use it to keep in touch with old college buddies back home. If Facebook comes up with more features that are business friendly (outside of Fan Pages) I think I’ll see more practical usage for it.

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Nice additions to the list @ktmel! Email + Social, that is an area I’d also like to see explored in 2011…

  • Patrick Miller

    Awesome concept for a blog Jeff!

    My list would be something like:

    Dear Santa,

    Could 2011 be the year digital strategy precedes digital tactics? I would like to see an increase of agencies and corporations working together to create digital campaigns that consumers actually find beneficial and/or highly entertaining.

    And while we’re on the subject, could the next wave of “hot new sites/platforms/places to waste my time online” be more function than fad? If we’re going to spend time (and often money) on these “next best things,” I’d love for them to have a little more staying power than a tweet that says “Check it out! We’re on… oh wait, never mind, it’s closed down now.”

    And would it be possible for me to get better at discerning Social Media Thought Leaders from “Thought Repeaters”. I’m getting a little tired of reading 20 of the same shared links every day. At least deliver us a book on Proper Tweetiquete so I can start quoting from it when someone’s automatic post populator starts to drive me up the wall. ;-)

    Finally dear Santa, could you please help the makers of adderall come out with a product that helps treat my Social Media ADD? Seriously, with all the posts in all the streams in all the world, I can’t help but want to get some popcorn and soda and just tweeplewatch all day long!


  • Tony Kinard

    Dear Santa: I would like about a half dozen pint-sized clones of myself to evaluate, test, monitor and manage my current and potential social media channels for me – a Personal Mini-Me Social Media Team. I know it’s a lot ot ask for, but could they also be psychically connected with a hive-mind to streamline team communication with updates directly to my brain? Then perhaps I can recapture some of that youthful freedom we all used to enjoy back in the days when phones could only follow us as far as that curly cord could stretch.

    If not that, well then perhaps some consolidation of a few social media channels and a few spiffy interns would also be nice. :)

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Now THIS is a serious social media Santa request. Well played TK.

  • @KathleneHestir

    You asked for it – here are 10 just to start:) Dear Twanta, I would like to see Twitter merge with or at least incorporate many of the concepts used by great social dashboards like Hootsuite and CoTweet, like:

    1. Create their own URL shorterer on… or even better allow us to hyperlink text in tweets so we don’t waste characters.
    2. Buy Delicious and build in all their functionalities to let us tag and organize Tweets within
    3. Integrate somehow with Google Analytics so we can track growth, visitors, traffic sources, etc.
    4. Merge with or come up with their own Klout score to label influencers and list that score clearly next to the username. If they could go one step further and say what categories users are influential in that would be great.
    5. Allow you to view several columns at once like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.
    6. Show complete conversation histories between users.
    7. Allow you to sign into multiple accounts at once.
    8. Allow us to sign tweets in the Meta-data to save characters.
    9. Make easier to get your account verified.
    10. Go back to the regular RT or at least show the new Twitter RT in your mentions column.

    Hmmm maybe I will blog about this:)

  • Josh Martin

    Yeah, what Kathlene said. :)

  • Tessa Horehled

    I want Disqus to be built into more platforms so I truly have all my social interactions/comments in a single place. Ex: When I post on Instagram and update Flickr, which is set to notify my Facebook Wall — put all of the separate interactions I have on the same photo, across three platforms, in a single place.

  • Jeff Hilimire

    THAT is one that definitely should have been on my list. The integration of all my comments on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., being aggregated together would be amazing. Let’s hope the good people at @disqus are working on that ;)

  • Sam E. Lawrence

    Hyperlinking sounds difficult to do from a mobile platform, so why can’t links, images, and files act as attachments to tweets? I know we all want to get away from email, but the file: attach model does work pretty well. I want all my 140 characters to be commentary on whatever I’m sharing.

    I disagree with you about moving back to old-style RTs. I do agree that seeing what tweets you’ve posted are getting RT’d would be nice. Use Favstar in the meantime.

  • @KathleneHestir

    I hadn’t heard of Favstar, thanks for sharing:) I agree, I want 100% of my tweet to be commentary – no links, no useless hashtags, and I guess that should also include old-style RTs. So while I like the old RT better because I actually see them and always seem to miss the Twitter RTs, I think they need to incorporate them in our mentions column.

    And you’re right, hyperlinks wouldn’t work with “stupidphone” SMS:) But attachments are a good alternative. Hopefully SMS will catch up – BBM is a way better model and I know iPhone/Android could handle it. This probably won’t happen though until we’re all on smartphones:)

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Social Media Thought Leaders vs. Thought Repeaters. I think you’re on to something with that PM.

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