Tonight I’m in a Social Media Face-Off at the DMA

by Jeff Hilimire on October 11, 2010

I’m in San Francisco for the annual DMA conference and I’m really excited about this trip.  I have two speaking slots, one tonight called, “Social Media Face-Off“, and one on Wednesday where I’ll be talking about ways to monetize social.

Tonight’s event is being called the “definitive event @ DMA2010”.  That’s a lot to live up to! The idea is that a bunch (and I mean a bunch, I think there are around 8 of us on the panel) of social, uh, well they call us gurus but we all know that’s not a positive term these days ;), but anyways, they get us all up there and ask us questions about all areas of social: how to organize it within your company, how to monetize it, where its going, etc.

It says the panel is a group of David and Goliaths, of which I’m certainly a David in this situation.  A few of my Goliath-like friends will be on it, including Vivek and Berkowitz.

Supposedly the event is going to be live broadcast on the DMA site and there will be a text-based voting for which of the panelists have the best showing.

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