Mind Meister gets 1to1toMany marketing

by Jeff Hilimire on October 13, 2010

One of my favorite tools for brainstorming and ideation is Mind Meister.  I use it in many ways, including putting together the presentation I’ll be giving at the DMA this week.  And its iPad friendly which is cool.  If you’re not familiar with mind mapping software, you should check it out.  It looks like this:

I got the below email yesterday.  I pay for the premium version of Mind Meister which gives you, among other things, unlimited maps, the ability to edit maps offline and additional security.  It’s pretty cheap, $59/year.

They encourage you to get your friends and contacts to sign up for the premium service.  As a satisfied user, I’m very happy to do this.  So I do.  Which ever person that I get to sign up for the Premium service, I get an additional 3 months.  That’s such a great, and simple, way to get me to help promote their service.

We call that 1to1toMany marketing.  The idea is simple.  A brand connects 1to1 with their customers, finds the passionate fans, and gets them to market to their friends: 1toMany.

Mind Meister gets it.  Does your company?

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