Prediction: LeBron is going to announce his decision via Twitter

by Jeff Hilimire on July 6, 2010

You heard it here: The King is going to announce his big decision on Twitter.

LeBron James is currently deciding which team he’ll be with next season and we’ve certainly seen teams using social media to help swing the vote in their favor.  See how the Knicks tried to do just that (and failed).

Now Lebron is on Twitter at @KingJames.  Coincidence that he launched this likely the week he makes the big decision?  I think not.  Someone got smart and let the King know that he can use this announcement to create a new media channel and he’s all over it.

  • Josh Martin

    Nice prediction, but little ol' Twitter can't trump the mighty ESPN. :)

  • andrewwatson

    I think the story will still “break” on old media first. There's no doubt he will tweet about it at some point but these things tend to leak early.

  • Greg H

    Josh is right. LeBron isn't working with ESPN to put together an hour-long special just so he can make the whole thing irrelevant with a single tweet. Unless the final minute of the show will consist of LeBron whipping out his iPhone, tweeting his decision, and then holding the screen up to the camera. :-)

    LeBron's Twitter launch reminds me of nothing so much as Obama's VP-announcement-via-text gimmick in 2008 (which, incidentally, was also pre-empted by Old Media). And as in '08, I'm not bothering to sign up. With LeBron, I guarantee you every tweet will be treated like the words of the Delphic Oracle, and get re-tweeted by half my follower list.

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