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by Jeff Hilimire on February 1, 2010

I use a lot of digital tools to get stuff done and often blog about them in one-offs, but I thought I’d compile them in one place. Hope to keep this current. Would be cool if I had tool to do that.

Full disclosure, I’ve seen this type of thing done on several blogs, most recently on @stammy‘s blog (who does it much better than I and has much cooler stuff). I just finally found the motivation to get this off my to-do list.

Stuff I run on my Macbook Air (and within browsers)

  • Firefox. Browser still getting my love until the kinks are worked out with Google Chrome on mac. Currently rely on Firefox for WordPress to work properly, Feedly to work at all, and the Evernote and Shareaholic add-ons work on Chrome. Until then, still need Firefox. Switching mainly because it’s a memory hog compared to Chrome.
  • Google Chrome. See above.
  • Browser add-ons: Evernote and Shareaholic (LOVE both of these)
  • WordPress. My blog lives there.
  • Disqus. The best blog commenting tool I’ve seen. I run it on this blog.
  • Evernote. Love this tool for note taking. It’s also where most of my blogs start.
  • Feedly. Fantastic visual representation of Google Reader RSS feeds. Currently only works on Firefox.
  • Tweetdeck. Twitter client for general daily management of my account.
  • Tweetie. Twitter client when I want something light to jump into.
  • Hootsuite. Browser-based Twitter client, great for scheduling tweets and multiple account management (including Facebook and LinkedIn), plus nice stats.
  • CoTweet. Browser-based Twitter client that IF it had Facebook and LinkedIn capabilities I’d probably use it over Hootsuite always.
  • Google Docs. It’s just one more way I try not to use MS Office products.
  • Google Wave. Love this tool for collaborating with peers and clients. Also, I use Waveboard for Mac to use Wave, allows me to see when there are updates (one of the most complained about non-features of Wave so far).
  • Ecto. Current offline blog writing tool. Nice wordpress integration.
  • Keynote. Do I really need to explain why Keynote is so much better than Powerpoint?
  • Plaxo. I use this to sync and backup my contacts. Used it for probably 5 years now. Love it.
  • Delicious. Best tool for “bookmarks”. Also used this for many, many years.
  • TeuxDeux. Using this site currently for to-do management. They could lock me in if they’d create an iPhone app.
  • Oh, and iCal and Mail are my calendar and email software of choice.

Relevant apps on iPhone (outside of the norms: Facebook, Google app, etc.)

  • Tweetdeck. Twitter client #1, better list integration than Tweetie currently.
  • Tweetie 2.0. Twitter client #2. Still best UI.
  • Hootsuite. Twitter client #3. Mostly for sync with browser app.
  • Evernote. Seamless integration with the desktop app.
  • Foursquare. Check-in tool most of my friends use.
  • MyTown. Check-in game that I’m exploring.
  • Paul Stamatiou

    Nice list Jeff and thanks for the link love! Reminds me to update mine – my “tweetdeck computer” also gets a lot of Chrome use and there are a ton of extensions on there I use regularly like Feedly.


  • Adam Wexler


    thanks for sharing. always interesting to see what others are using to operate efficiently (ehh, twitter may not fully apply to that statement).

    out of curiosity, do you find it easy for those naive to google wave to jump in & participate without a learning curve interfering?

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Is your tweetdeck computer PC or Mac? I haven't tried in a little while but last I checked most of the extensions I use on Firefox weren't available on Mac Chrome…

  • Jeff Hilimire

    The trick with Wave in my experience is to have a few people to trial it with you and have a reason. I was lucky enough to be able to coerce many of my staff to use it in order to brainstorm on client work. Once we started to use it, it became a great tool. When I first got on and didn't have many connections and no need, I constantly questioned its worth.

    Plus, Google needs to update the UI and features, they're waiting too long to do that…

  • Paul Stamatiou

    The tweetdeck computer is a PC I built .. what else is windows good for? ;-)

    Yeah Mac Chrome is a bit behind Windows Chrome in the dev cycle.. I don't think it even has a bookmark manager yet.

  • melissahodgdon

    Thanks for this! Will be sharing with the media team!

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