iPhone tops social rankings (GASP)

by Jeff Hilimire on January 5, 2010

So there’s a new ranking of brands from a social perspective, specifically measuring the positive and negative conversations that are being had about the brands in the social mediums.  And the iPhone is at the top of this list.  Which makes me say…uh, duh?!

Here’s the deal.  The iPhone is doing next to nothing to promote conversations about itself on Twitter and Facebook (and blogs).  It’s just a friggin’ great product (in spite of the network it runs on) and people love it.  Like people are crazy about how much they love the iPhone.

The lesson: Have a great product and people are going to talk about it.

You have to realize this about social marketing – it’s a lot like getting drunk. It’s going to intensify your personality.  It’s not going to improve your personality, unless you’re just generally a cool dude.  But if you’re an a$*, then its going to make you look like more of an a$*.

The point here is that being active in social marketing is incredibly important for companies that want to maximize their customer relationships.  But its not a cure-all for a bad product or company.  If anything, social is going to keep companies honest because you can’t give your customers a bad experience without it being a trending topic on Twitter the next day.

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