On the eve of the iMedia Brand Summit

by Jeff Hilimire on June 7, 2009

I’m writing this on my flight to Colorado Springs where I am lucky enough to be attending the iMedia Brand Summit. No, my flight doesn’t have wifi, but fortunately the iPhone has a nice little WordPress app so I’m able to hunt and peck a draft together on the flight.

Full disclosure: most of my time on the flight is spent reading a John Sandford novel on my Kindle. Yes, the Kindle rocks and you need one.  Face it.

Kindle on the plane

I’m particularly interested in what the vibe will be like at the conference this year. My guess is the focus will be on measurability, ROI, social media, and I’m sure there will be many references to oft-misunderstood, yet decidedly over-hyped Twitter (I’m certainly a culprit of the latter).

Because this conference is mostly attended by the brand side, I’m really looking forward to getting a sanity check on where they are spending most of their time these days, particularly as we get closer to 2010 planning.

I’ll be updating throughout the conference, mostly through @jeffhilimire, and I expect, judging simply by the attendees and speakers I have seen so far, this conference will live up to it’s reputation.

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